Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY Distressed Striped Corkboard

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This year I also participated in Craftaholics Anonymous Homemade Gift Exchange for the first time.  It was so much fun meeting other bloggers and crafters!  I was teamed up with a shabby chic crafter in TX who loves pink, roses and hearts.  This gave me the opportunity to try out a new craft which I always love doing!

I made a distressed striped corkboard for my elfster partner! 

Here's the tutorial so you can make one for yourself:
 Materials Needed:
Picture Frame (any size you want)
Paint - I used pink and white
Painters Tape
The first thing I did was spray paint the frame white.
Next I taped out the stripes and then painted the frame pink.
I then sanded the edges of the frame to give it a distressed look.
Then I covered the frame in polycrylic.
Next cut the corkboard - I used the glass from the frame as a guide.
Hot glue your fabric to the corkboard and then stick it in the frame.  Add any decorative bows or roses you like to the front of the frame.
There you go!  Now you have a super cute corkboard to post reminders and messages on.
Craftaholics - Thanks for letting Southern Color participate in the gift exchange!!  We had a blast!


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Kelley said...

Super cute, I love the stripes.

Anonymous said...

This is such a cute idea! I absolutely love it and it loks pretty easy to do. I'd love to make a larger one that I could hang over my desk!
a ray of sun

Lucky Zucca said...

Adorable!! What a great gift idea!

Julia@SouthernColor said...

Thanks Kelley! Next time I want to try chevron stripes on it!!

Julia@SouthernColor said...

It was soooo easy to do!! It only took me a couple hours from start to finish and most of that time was spent waiting for the paint to dry :)

Julia@SouthernColor said...

I hope my partner in the gift exchange loves it...I know I do!

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