Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tailgate Tuesday | UGA v Ole Miss

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This past weekend we went to the UGA v. Ole Miss game!  It was our first time back in Athens this football season.  The weather was perfect, UGA won, and we got to see some friends!

UGA v Ole Miss, 37 to 10

Tailgating started a few hours before kick off with some mimosas and beer!

UGA's campus is huge so we spent a lot of time walking around to different tailgates.  I don't know how I used to wear heels to the football games...I guess that means I'm getting old. 

We snacked on bbq and mac & cheese :)
Plus some yummy eats at the game: nachos and pizza! 

We stopped by our Dad's tailgate.  They had a plasma television at their tailgate so they could watch all the other games on Saturday - it was pretty fancy!

We had awesome seats for the game - thanks to Elizabeth's boss!!  We were in section 128 row 37...we could see everything perfectly!

After the game we headed downtown for some food.  Every restaurant had a 1.5 hour wait so we ended up eating at Pita Pit - one of my favorite restaurants during college.  All of the college kids were stumbling from bar to bar at this point so we decided to head home - I'm telling you...we're getting old!

This weekend the Dawgs take on Auburn.  Wish us luck!!

~Julia and Elizabeth

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