Monday, October 8, 2012

Nashville Fun!

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Another weekend has flown by too quickly!
Friday I did dinner with friends, Saturday the BF & I went to the Clemson game and Sunday we visited my grandparents.  I'm so thankful for a fun-filled weekend spend with friends & family!
 Speaking of family, here's a bar/restaurant review from the last time I visited my sister in Nashville, enjoy!
 Nashville has so many fun neighborhoods and restaurants - one of my favorite one's is Broadway!  There are great divey bars, live music and yummy restuarants.

We started our night at Tootsies - a bar I've always heard great things about.  Tootsies is a divey bar with live music at the front & back stage.  We stayed up front since we found a table next to the stage.

Everyone in here was so friendly - Southern hospitalilty really shined through! 

We listened to 3 bands and all played country covers.  I LOVED it!!  I was able to sing along to most songs!

We sipped on some cocktails - whiskey & ginger ale for me and bourbon & coke for Julia.  Our cocktails were $7 each, not too bad!

We even signed the table :)

J&E, est. '84

After a few hours of enjoying the live music we were famished!  We wandered around Broadway until we found the Merchant.  They have a fancy restaurant upstairs and a more casual one downstairs.  We opted for downstairs.  It was fun to watch the bartenders mix up cocktails - the bar had a speakeasy feel.

We started with the Duck Fat Tater Tots served with 3 sauces- bearnaise, chipotle mayo & ketchup.  The chipotle mayo was my favorite!

For dinner we shared the mahi mahi tacos with cole slaw.  Very tasty!  We were both stuffed after our meal and luckily it was only $23. 

What is your favorite divey bar?

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