Thursday, October 11, 2012

Firepit Revealed!

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Remember a month ago when I told you about the firepit area we created in my backyard?!?!? 

Here is what the area looked like before:

I tried repeatedly to grow grass in this area and was unsuccessful every time.  This area just doesn't get enough sun :(  Luckily the other half of the backyard gets plenty of sun so my four legged baby has a grassy area to play in. 

The first step to creating the perfect firepit area - kill any weeds or grass in the area.

Next lay out weed block fabric.  I got 3 ft x 100ft and had just enough fabric for the entire space.

Secure the weed block fabric to the ground with fabric and garden staples (I used 30 of these).

 We placed the staples at the seam of the block fabric. 

Use a hammer to push it into the ground.

Next I created a border for the firepit area out of stones.  These stones were originally in the front yard but I wasn't a fan of them there so I moved them to the backyard.  I love reusing materials...saved me so much money!

The stones created a barrier for when we later spread out the pea gravel.  I would recommend adding some type of border so that the gravel doesn't spread out forever in your yard.

We then created a circle in the center of the firepit area with pavers for the actual firepit to sit on.  These pavers were free too!  They were originally stepping stones but had become overgrown with grass and couldn't even see them so I pulled them up and reused them.

Now it's time for the pea gravel!! We used Vigoro pea gravel that came in 0.5 cu ft bags - we got 80 bags.  I decided to get individual bags instead of a truck load of pea gravel (which would have been cheaper) because I don't have a truck or SUV.  We were able to haul the pea gravel ourselves from Home Depot to the house in our Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.  It was quite a sight...these cars are not made for hauling things so they were pretty loaded down which meant we had to drive very slowly!

It was quite a workout moving the pea gravel from the cars to the backyard.  This was definitely the hardest part of the entire project!!  Each bag weighed 20lbs. so be prepared for some "heavy" lifting!

Pour out all of the pea gravel.  Level the surface using a rack to spread the pea gravel evenly.

This was a very messy job!  Even though the pea gravel were in individual bags the bags were dirty and wet! 

Last but not least...put your firepit area furniture out!  I got four adirondack chairs, outdoor pillows, and a metal firepit.

I love how the project turned out!! Now it's time to enjoy it!


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