Monday, October 29, 2012

Bacherlorette Wine Tasting

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Happy Monday!
Why do the weekends go by so quickly?  My alarm clock didn't go off this morning, so I've been frazzled all morning.  I rushed to get ready and get to work on time - a great way to start the week ;)
On Saturday we celebrated by friend, Laura's, bachelorette party with a trip to Dahlonega GA for wine tasting!  It was so much fun to have girl time and just enjoy the gorgeous fall weather.   The wine was good, most of Georgia wine is pretty sweet and the bottle prices range from $10 to $25.  So if you're looking for an affordable wine vacation, check out Dahlonega!
Our first stop was Three Sisters.  Tastings here start at $5 for a sample of 3 wines.
The bride was decked out in her Bridal Sweater and Blinged out Wine Glass - check back for posts on those projects!

Godfather's BBQ was serving lunch at Three Sisters.  So we all enjoyed a BBQ sundae: baked beans, corn bread, bbq chicken, and a cherry tomato.  There was supposed to be coleslaw, but they were out.  We all really enjoyed the BBQ, especially all of there homemade BBQ sauces - yum!!

Next stop was Frogtown Winery about 1 mile from Three Sisters.  They were having a wedding in the main house/tasting room.  So they set up a tented area outside for wine tasters.  Here we enjoyed a bottle of the Sauvignon Gris for $20.
We were in a jumping mood this weekend - do you know how hard it is to sync up 5 ppl. jumping at the same time???!?  Near impossible ;)

Our third and final stop was Blackstock Winery about 2.5 miles from Frogtown.  This is one of our favorite wineries because of the wrap around patio with rocking chairs = relaxation!

Their tastings are $10 for 8 samples.  We tried a few whites and a few red and ended up buying a bottle of the Sangiovese to enjoy on the patio. 

We had a few extra minutes from dinner so we wandered around the historic Dahlonega square.  Julia found a cute pumpkin scare-crow and I dressed up as a pirate!

Then we had a contest: who could climb this tree?!
After several attempts, Katrina made it to the top!!

We enjoyed dinner at Corkscrew Cafe and then headed home to Atlanta.
Have you ever been to Dahlonega?
What is your favorite winery?


Casey Shreve said...

What a great idea for a bachelorette party! I'm not big in to the crazy party scene, so this is a GREAT idea! Just need to get engaged! Haha.

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

We had a great time!! It was definitely more low-key. We roasted marshmallows when we got home, so we kept joking, "S'mores and snores"!! We're getting old :(

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