Monday, August 6, 2012

Book Signing Event with Emily Griffin!

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Happy Monday! How was everyone's weekend?

The other weekend I attended Emily Griffin's book signing event for her new book "Where We Belong".  My good friend Lauren, over at Pretty Southern, asked me to be her plus one!  The event was held at the W Hotel in Buckhead at their outdoor pool.

The weather was perfect and the views were great!  We sipped on "Where We Belong" cocktails - cranberry & vodka. 

The crowd consisted of press people, bloggers, and personal friends of Emily Griffin. 

The cocktail menu was inspired by her books: Where We Belong (vodka/cranberry); Something Borrowed (blueberry vodka & lemonade) and Baby Proof (water with strawberries & mint).

We stood in line to meet Emily, she stayed in a roped off VIP area.  I think it could have been nice if she would have mingled with the crowd outside of her VIP area.  I didn't realize how young she is considering she's written so many great books!!  We talked very quickly, took some pictures then moved on. 

Lauren is working on a novel right now and was looking forward to getting tips from Emily on writing her first book.  Unfortunately, Emily was not personable at all, she just told Lauren to look on her website.  Then she told us to smile for a pic and move on. 

I didn't get a warm/fuzzy feeling from Emily - but who knows... maybe the stress of a book signing tour is getting to her!

Have you ever met an author?
Was he/she what you expected?



Christy Davis said...

Such a cool experience! That's so neat that you were able to go and meet her. I met Chelsea Handler at her book signing and she was awesome even though it was a quick greeting. But Chelsea is a comedian. Love the post!!


Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Chelsea Handler!!?! I'm so jealous! I think she is hilarious. Did you get to meet her sidekick Chuy?

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