Monday, July 23, 2012

Restaurant of the Month | Chef Liu

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Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine consisted of lots of manual labor - I moved into a new apartment!  Moving from the 3rd Floor into another 3rd Floor apartment is never fun, especially when there are no elevators.  But the positive is - I got a great work out and didn't have to go to the gym!!

Here's a restaurant review to get your Monday started!

Last week we met for Restaurant of the Month Club, this month we dined at Chef Liu.  The restaurant is located on Buford Highway - a part of town I am very unfamiliar with.  Most of the signs are in a different language and the vibe is so different from the that of the surrounding neighborhoods. 

The setting is very casual, however it is recommended that you make a reservation for larger parties.  Our group sat at a large circle table with a huge lazy susan in the middle.  This made dinner really condusive to sharing.

Complimentary hot tea is brought out to each table - it had a sweet / fruity flavor to it, very good!

To start, we had Shanghai Juicy Buns.  The dumpling was filled with a brothy soup and delicious pork.  They're are a little tricky to eat - you bite off the top then eat the dumpling.  Be careful doing this, I squirted a little broth on my friend next to me!!

We also snacked on Fried Snap Beans - these things are addictive!! I could have eaten the whole plate.  They are fried green beans but they don't taste greasy and mixed in are caramelized shallots

Tientsin Pork Buns- a pocket of doughy goodness filled with sauteed pork, onion and celery.

Leek Pie - a pastry filled with leeks and onions.

Chicken & Veggie Lo Mein - this dish was pretty standard and there wasn't a lot of chicken in it.  The veggies were crisp and the sauce was yummy!

We each received a slice of watermelon when they brought out the check.  It was the perfect dessert after a filling meal!

I highly recommend Chef Liu if you are looking for authentic Chinese food.  And you can't beat the price - our total was $32 for everything!

Have you tried any new-to-you restaurants lately?


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