Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Family Love!

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Growing up our parents were nice enough to give Julia and I a craft room in the basement, we spent so many hours painting and creating things.  We would usually go through our Mom's junk and repurpose old boxes and soup cans into something new.  One of my favorite Christmas gifts growing up was a paint set from my parents  Santa (that and my Barbie house).  The kit came with a lifetime supply of paint in every color, paintburshes, craft glue and more - it was AMAZING!

Craftiness runs in the family:  my Grandma from NY  was so innovative.  A favorite memory with her is our Easter tree, we searched in the backyard for the perfect stick, painted it white, then crafted Easter ornaments - it was the centerpiece of our Easter table for years.

Our Grandpa was a master wood worker.  He had a shed out back that he would spend hours in making handmade clocks, toys, and all things carpentry.  He made me a jewelry box one Chistmas that I still use to this day :)

My grandma (known as Mama) in GA is an amazing sewer.  She's made gorgeous silk dresses, everyday clothing, quilts, pillows and more.  Each summer we would sew one thing with her - we've made stuffed animals, Barbie clothes, and dog pillows.  I credit her for teaching me my sewing skills.

From a young age our Mom inspired us with her puff paint splatter shirts! Yes, she actually worked for a company making these, oh the 80's!  She is also a terrfic party planner and tablescape decorator. 

We are lucky to have a Dad who is great with carpentry, landscaping and hands-on things.  He is always willing to cut a piece of wood for our latest project.  He helped me make my upholstered headboard - you know he did a good job when it's survived college, multiple moves and 4 apartments ;)

And now our Brother is joining the Blogging world with BigBenBakes!

Big Ben Bakes will feature his bakery concoctions - including death by chocolate cupcakes, salted caramel bites, homemade infused vodka and more!

Not only is Ben a great baker, but his wife is very creative & talented. 

Trish just launched an Etsy store featuring her custom made Bridal hangers.  These make the perfect shower gift for any Bride or Bridal party.  You can also find her on Facebook.

Where did you learn to be crafty?

I think it's so fun to have a family of creative people, we can always bounce ideas off of each other.  There are so many times when I call Julia in the middle of a project asking for her opinion on something. 



Unknown said...

Going to check out your bro's blog now! And the hangers are such a cute idea. Might have to purchase for my sis, her wedding is Nov. Love your story about your grandma and fam!! Unfortunately, no one in my fam was creative, somehow my sis and I just got into it ;)

Love your blog!!!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Congrats to your sister!! The hangers are a great shower gift and make for cute wedding day pictures :)

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