Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wine Down Wednesdays.... Sip Wine

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Last night I went out to dinner at Sip Wine in Vinings.  I have been wanting to go here since they opened 2 years ago.  I finally had the perfect excuse, girl's night


Sip has a cool concept: there are wine "vending machines" where you can serve yourself a sip, half glass, or full glass.  The idea is to sample many different wines.  A sip averages $2, 1/2 glass about $4 and a full is $8. 

(Thanks for modeling Lauren!)

The idea is great, but the wine I wanted to try was empty and even though it was a Wednesday special on their menu, Sip would not honor the $5 special price instead I would have to pay $8.75 to get it out of the machine.  Kind of lame if you ask me!  I'll probably go back to give the wine machines a 2nd chance.  I also think this could be a fun date night, hint hint!!

I finally got a glass of wine from our server, I had the Zenato Pinot Grigio - it was very light & refreshing.  Sip offers a tapas style menu, most plates average $10.  To start I had the Apple Salad with pecans & blue cheese - yum!!

Others had the Soba Noodle Peanut Salad, Chicken Skewers, Tuna Tartare, Crawfish Beignets, and Scallops.

The food was great and the vibe was really cool! 

The service was average - there were times I was waiting to order another glass of wine, more tapas and get more water.   But I don't think I'll let that prevent me from going back. 

I love the candles they had on the tables!  I totally want to try to make this, Pinterest can you help me out?!?!



Julia@SouthernColor said...

Wine vending machines?!?! I've never heard of anything like that....sounds cool!

Tracers said...

Awesome post! And your pics turnes out fantastic! A fun time was indeed had by all;)

Tracers said...

Awesome post! And your pics turned out fantastic! A fun time was indeed had by all;)

Caroline said...

Sad I missed this! Looks like it was a fabulous time! There's this cool wine store on Howell Mill near Anthro that makes candles like that... and they smell delicious!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

Thanks Tracie for picking a fun restuarant - it was a blast!

We missed you Caroline, hope you can make it next time! You better believe I'll be checking out that store, those candles smelled amazing!

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