Monday, April 23, 2012

Running Gear

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Having the right gear is so important for a good run.  You don't want to be worried about something sliding around, being uncomfortable, not fitting correctly, etc. - You have better things to think about during your run!

Here are the clothes I wear for a run:

Spi Belt
A carrier case that fits around your waist with adjustable straps.  The mesh pocket is stretchy and allows you to fit a ton of stuff: iPhone, keys, chapstick. 
The belt is pretty comfortable, I strapped it around my waist and under my shirt.  There wasn't alot of movement, which I was worried about.  I still need to figure out the tight-ness of the belt, at certain points during my run it was a little uncomfortable.  But overall I recommend it, I think it's important for us ladies to have a phone with us on runs, you never know!

Ever since I got in to running 3 years ago I have worn Brooks running shoes.  The fit good and they are light weight.  I highly recommend checking out your local Big Peach Running Company to find the right shoe. 

Who would have thought Old Navy would have good Bras!  I love these adjustable strap sports bras, they are comfortable and provide plenty of support.

Champion Capris
I wear these capris for everything - Spinning, Yoga, Walking, Running - they are so comfortable.
Champion Athletic Tank
This tank is a lightweight mesh material with more of a loose fit.  I don't like built-in bras or super tight tanks so this is perfect for me!
I love this app - thanks Christina for telling me about it!  The app tracks your route and gives you updates every mile.  It scared me at first when all of the sudden my Spi-Belt was talking to me saying, "1 mile completed, 11 minutes 3 seconds". 

I also wear a baseball hat on my runs.  This keeps my hair out of my face and the sun out of my eyes.

What is some of your favorite running gear?

Happy Running!


Christina said...

Love this post. I really need a spibelt. Glad you're enjoying the app!

Elizabeth @ Southern Color said...

I love the Spi-Belt! By the way we had a blast in Charleston the other weekend, thanks for the great recommendations!

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