Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Homemade Hawaiian Pizza

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A goal of mine is to eat in more often, mostly because I want to eat better but it will also save me money!  A popular spot for the BF and I is Fellini's - the pizza and salad are great and they have a wonderful patio!  We typically spend about $20 for dinner, this homemade version cost me $26 but provided us with 3 meals and leftover salad for lunch during the week.

I bought all the ingredients from my neighborhood Trader Joe's.

Pizza dough
Traditional Marinara sauce
Mozzeralla Cheese
Fresh Pineapple

The dough is very elastic, so just spread it to your desired size.  I made ours the size of a cookie sheet.

Spread on a thin layer of marinara sauce.

Sprinkle on your diced up pinneapple and ham.

Cover with a layer of cheese.

Cook the pizza for 20 - 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

While the pizza is cooking, prepare a side salad. 

Iceberg Lettuce
Peppers - red, orange, and yellow
Red Onion
Mozzarella Cheese
Italian or Caesar Dressing
Red Pepper Flakes

Enjoy your salad with a slice or two of pizza!

This past weekend in Atlanta it felt like summertime.  The weather was perfect ~ 80 degrees and the sun was out.  The BF and I enjoyed time at the pool and park.  Of course this meant a game!  I let him win ;-) 

What are your favorite homemade versions of restaurant food?


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Julia@SouthernColor said...

Yummy....I love TJ's pizza dough!!

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