Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Football Food

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Several weeks ago UGA played LSU for the SEC championship so what better way to enjoy a football game than with some food!  I tried out two new recipes and both of them were delicious!

Pizza Sticks:
These are so easy to make!  All you need are some wonton wrappers, string cheese, pepperoni and marinara/pizza sauce.  Cut the string cheese in half.  Place on wonton wrapper with two pepperonis and roll.  Fry in vegetable oil and enjoy!
Recipe adapted from Taste of Home

Buffalo Chicken Rolls:
This recipe came from another blog, "Can you Stay for Dinner?"  I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out perfectly.   Although they were time consuming to make I would definitely make this recipe again!

Even though UGA lost the game we still had a great time with our friends eating some yummy food!

What's you're favorite football dish? 


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