Friday, October 21, 2011

Date Night & some Tex mex!

Pin It Life has been pretty hectic lately with work, multiple weddings to attend, being out of town almost every weekend, and becuase of that my boyfriend and I haven't had time to go on an official date lately!  Luckily this week we both made time for each other ~ that meant my work out was a little shorter than usual and he had to leave work early.  And it was totally worth it!!

The restaurant we were going to was a total surprise ~ so I annoyed him all day with questions like: what should I wear (casual or dressy), what part of town are we going to, when should I be ready??  And he gave me no clues!  To my surprise we showed up at Georgia Grille, a restaurant I have heard great things about and one that I have been dying to try!

Georgia Grille is a mix between tex mex and southern food ~ which I think is the perfect combination!

(sorry for the bad pics, the restaurant was incredibly dark) 

To start we had silver margaritas along with chips & salsa and queso!  The queso had chunks of peppers and jalapenos, very good and not too spicy.  The margs were terrific, not too much mix ~ I'm the type of person that wants to actually taste the tequila!

For dinner the boyfriend had pork chop fajitas served with collard greens, corn relish and apple salsa.  A great mix of southern meets tex mex!!
I had the chicken enchiladas and taco salad for dinner.  The enchiladas were super creamy with the right amount of chicken to cheese ratio!  The salad was a little odd - it tasted like iceberg lettuce and mayo.  Strange!
I highly recommend making a reservation - on a Wednesday night the place was packed!  The restaurant probably has a total of 20 tables and a very small bar.

All in all, date night was great!  I got to catch up with my boyfriend in a romantic restaurant! 

As we were leaving the restaurant, our terrific server Ashley turned to me and said "You look like Chelsea Lately"!! It's funny, I get that all the time from strangers! 

Do people ever say you look like someone famous??

Happy Friday!

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