Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to do with a big empty wall?

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I absolutely love our house! Our bedroom is on it's own floor with a small landing outside of the bedroom.  It's perfect for when we have guests...they get the top floor all to themselves and we get our privacy on the middle floor.  And we figured it's a good floorplan for when we have kids (not any time soon though)  because we can see all of the bedrooms from the landing outside of our room. 

But we are left with this huge wall outside of our bedroom that is probably 20 feet tall and needs something massive to fill all of the bare space.  So we decided to cover the wall with our wedding pictures!  Instead of putting one or two wedding pics in each room in our house we've grouped them all together on this wall to make a huge statement.  Also, the landing is the perfect place to stop and look at all of the pictures. 

Frames purchased from Michaels

I'm thinking a dresser would fit perfectly under the pictures.  I want to get a long one that will fill up the space, needs to be refinished and has tons of storage - we don't have any linen closests so I'm thinking the dresser will make the perfect linen closet.  Now I just need to find a dresser and figure out what color to paint it....any suggestions?


Ashley said...

I love the wedding gallery! It looks like you've got a good blank slate in that space so I'd say pick a favorite, bold color from around the house and paint the dresser that color? Something that pops and looks interesting.

Julia@SouthernColor said...

Thanks! Yes I definitely agree with a bold color...right now I'm thinking a green apple color with a dark glaze would look good.

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