Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Cocktails: Frosty's Frothy Cocoa & Santa's Spiked Cider

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The Christmas season has officially begun!  This weekend we are hosting our very first cookie exchange party!  We can't wait to gather with friends and taste yummy cookies.  Stop by next week for a full recap.
To us, Christmas isn't just about December 25th, it's also about the weeks leading up to it!  We love gathering with friends and family during this time; we're either watching Christmas movies, decorating sugar cookies, competing for best gingerbread house,  listening to our Mom perform in the church's Christmas cantata, or visiting our Dad at the Santa House. 
And now that our family is all adults we also enjoy sipping on holiday cocktails!  Today we are sharing with you our holiday cocktails that were featured in Southern Holiday Life's 2013 edition, Frosty's Frothy Cocoa and Santa's Spiked Cider.

Julia’s Hot Cocoa is the perfect cocktail for a movie night with the family. Especially if you’re like us! We love watching Holiday movies outdoors on cold winter nights snuggled up around a fire pit sipping on this delicious hot cocktail! The best part about this drink is that you can also make a kiddie version so the kiddos feel included in the fun!

Another staple during the holidays is Elizabeth's Santa's Spiked Cider.
The first time we made this cocktail was for our Dad's 60th Birthday party.  His birthday is December 28th - so everyone was still in the Christmas spirit 

A fun way to dress up this cocktail is to add a cinnamon & sugar rim.  Mix equal parts cinnamon & sugar, wet the wedge of your glass with an apple slice, then dip the edge in the sugar mixture and garnish with that same apple wedge.

We hope you enjoy these holiday cocktails! 
What are your go-to holiday cocktails?



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