Thursday, June 7, 2012

From Yucky to Amazing

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Happy Thursday Everyone!!! It's almost the weekend and I'm always workin for the weekends!

I was so excited when the old owner of our house decided to leave this bench when he moved out.  It wasn't in the best condition but I knew it had potential.  Plus I love the outdoors so the more seating we have for the backyard the better!

The bench had been painted an off white but by the time we inherited it it had turned a greenish color and was covered in dust and spider webs..yucky!   So two years ago I cleaned it off and threw it on the back deck and kind of forgot about it.  This past weekend I finally decided it was time to turn this ugly duckling into a swan...hehe - I love nursery rhymes.

I decided to paint the bench a coral/salmon color - the old owner also left us half a gallon of this paint.  Our half bathroom was this salmon color when we moved in...can you imagine?!?!  It's not a great wall color but I think it's a great accent color for our porch and really makes the bench pop!

All I did was sand the bench, paint it with the salmon paint then covered it in polycrylic. 
It was such an easy project and the best part of was completely FREE!!!!


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