Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Window Treatments from a Tablecloth

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I have been searching for the perfect fabric to make curtains with for months and I finally found it.  I found this tablecloth at Target the other week and decided it would make great curtains.  The colors match the den/kitchen walls perfectly and the pattern is contemporary (which my husband loves).  The tablecloths were $18 each and I ended up needing 2 for this project.  I have about half of one of the tablecloths leftover so I'm thinking about making some pillows for the sofas and napkins for the kitchen table.  

$36 for window treatments for 5 windows - what a great deal! 

Sterp 1: Iron the fabric

Step 2: Cut fabric to correct size and pin

Since the fabric is really a tablecloth some of the sides were already hemmed...awesome

Step 3: Sew

For a valence/cornice you need a large center piece and two smaller side pieces

Step 4: Cut wood - I cut mine two inches wider than the window

Step 5: Glue fabric to wood and screw in "l" brackets

Step 6: Attach to wall

I created a valence for above the kitchen sink with some of the extra fabic.

I am so excited at how these turned out...I absolutely love the new valences! 

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