Monday, August 15, 2011

Fan Installation

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Although we bought our dream home there were several minor improvements we wanted to make.  One in paticular was updating the light fixtures in pretty much every room.  We had a mix match of white and gold fixtures from the 80s and very contemporary fixtures that looked like they belonged to the Jetson's.  So we've starting changing out the light fixtures one room at a time.  So far we have updated 6 fixtures in our house.  The first one took several hours to install but now we are able to install them pretty easily.

Last week we decided to put in a fan in one of our guest rooms. 
Living in the south this is definitely a necessity for every room! 

 Here are all of the pieces for the new fan!

Old Light Fixture in Guest Room

Unscrew wires to detach the old fixture from the electrical outlet box.

Here's what you're left with once the old fixture is removed.

Mount the support bracket of the new light fixture to the electical box.

Screw wires from electrical outlet box and new light fixture together.

Attach fan and enjoy!
Of course their are many more little steps such as screwing the fan blades to the motor but the hardest part is the electrical.  Once you master that you can install any light fixture!

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